Yoga Licensing Update

For those that have been following New York State’s recent decision to treat yoga teacher trainings as vocational programs, here’s an update:

  • Yoga Union hosted a friendly meeting last week with the state education department, who softened their position somewhat. YogaCityNYC attended, and continues to report on the situation.
  • The New York Daily News posted a great editorial about the state’s Kafkaesque enforcement of its outdated laws claiming to have consumer protection in mind even though “Department spokesman Tom Dunn acknowledged… that it has never in its history received a complaint about subpar yoga training.” It’s all about the licensing fees, people.
  • Jo Brill updated her resource page with many new links and tips.
  • Om Factory is hosting an informational meeting on Tuesday, June 2nd, at 2pm. Alison West is organizing. Please email yogaunionnyc at gmail dot com if you plan to attend, or would like more info.
  • And Leslie Kaminoff said “I told you so” be sure to read his long but worthwhile thread on the original discussions on certification versus licensing. Thoughtful arguments at the beginning, many wise teachers chiming in at the end.

The yoga community is healthy and self-regulating, with a safe certification system already in place, and that this foolish licensing will put many small businesses into the graveyard! Yoga is a vast, ancient system of personal development that does not conform to a bureaucratic standardization of requirements. It can be anything from spirituality to athletics, and there’s no way to quantify what makes a “good” teacher. It’s different for every student. Yoga is an art form of self expression, and teacher trainings are just passing this on.

And for those that find politics deadly dull, here’s a picture of a fawn and a bobcat snuggling.

deer bobcat
La la la la

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