Yoga Jobs: Teacher/Intern at Strala Yoga

Strala is hiring yoga teachers and interns.  Strala is a health focused style of yoga that builds strength, balance, and focus.

The Strala style of yoga works to create a clear, fit mind and body, along with the intuition to do what your body needs to be healthy. We all have already in us the intuition to find the right way to our own health, spirituality, and whatever else we need. By working on things like strength, balance, and awareness, yoga clears the way for us to find (and trust) our own abilities.

Strala’s classes are open to everyone, and are designed to provide the right challenge for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. Yoga isn’t a matter of what pose you can do, it’s about finding your own edge. So whether you’re an athlete, already a yoga enthusiast, or just someone interested in living a healthy life, you’ll find something in every Strala class that moves you in the right direction.

Preliminary Requirements:

  1. You must be a great example of a healthy and inspiring individual.
  2. You must have a strong yoga practice.
  3. You must be interested in teaching a strong Strala class.

What To Do

  1. Get in touch. Email
  2. Drop by for class and talk to Mike or Tara
  3. Live a healthy life!