Yoga Jobs: Kundalini Teacher

Creating a small Kundalini studio, in the “Arthur Ave. Little Italy” section of the Bronx. The studio will be geared to Fordham students, along with offerings for the community, kids classes, mommie and me. If interested please contact us. Intention is to have the space up and running by Nov. 1st. Also looking for the right teacher to hold some administration responsibility. Sat Nam Shivanter Singh.

One thought on “Yoga Jobs: Kundalini Teacher”

  1. am interested in antigravity yoga….was told from someone who had bad hips for long period ot time and said it has helped her a great deal…I myself have osteoarthitis in hips…not comfortable at all do not want surgery am trying to avoid …was told this will help me..hips pretty bad…can you send me info on this … very glad it’s being offered in the bronx…other places too far..patty

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