Yoga for NY Launches!

It’s been a busy few weeks, and I’m sorry I couldn’t deliver more posts, BUT I’m very happy to announce that the Yoga for NY website is up! (I was busy building it.)

Yoga for NY, aka the Yoga Association of New York, formed in June in order to lobby against the state’s efforts to force licensing on yoga studios. (Non-profits like Yoga Alliance are not allowed to lobby the government.) They’ve made great progress; yoga is on the path towards getting an exemption. But the work is far from over. They need the support of every friend of yoga in order to fund all the lawyers and consultants etc to make this thing happen properly. So please become a member, or volunteer even $10 helps set the standards for New York and beyond.

And mark your calendar for next Monday, August 24th there will be a big benefit / fundraiser / launch party at Om Factory. 810pm, $20 suggested donation, you can rsvp to rsvp [at] yogaforny [dot] org.