Yay! My Maiden Blog!

Ok, so I’m pretty much a technophobe, and I confess also that the idea of basically journaling in public has been a little strange for me (I feel like I’m bound to let it all hang out…..and who really cares!) I’ve kept notebooks my whole life though and while my writing used to seem to make more sense (when I was perhaps imagining my future grandchildren reading them?), over the years its devolved into a bunch of scratchmarks and random thoughts (as the idea of children much less grandchildren seems less and less an inevitable consequence of life?) – – – it’s hard to be coherent without at least an imagined audience, isn’t it?!

Shoot. I’ve been meaning to keep a journal specifically about my yoga life, especially since I embarked on the adventure of being a “yoga teacher” 9 years ago. And it’s never happened. The books I start always seem to get full of everything else – I can’t seem to keep yoga separate from the rest of it all, no complaints about that. But again, it sure would be nice to get some of the scratchmarks and ramblings a little more organized, especially around this topic so dear to me.

So, the timing is perfect for dear Erica to invite me into this space. ‘Cause I’ve got time. This past summer I moved back into my family home here in the sweet mountains of North Cackalacka to help take care of my 84-year-old grandma. The pace is slooooow here and I’ve got lots of time to devote to meditation and yoga practice. From sitting meditation to open and seal the days, to vinyasa to satisfy the endorphin cravings, to trimming Grandma’s toenails as sadhana….. its a precious time to let settle and reflect on the last crazy years of collecting grist for the proverbial mill, and also observe what’s currently going on in my practice.  And so, I’m grateful for this space to put some of it into.

Namaste, y’all;  Happy Holy Days and Nights!

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