What Is Real? What Is Meditation?

Theologue by Alex Grey
Theologue by Alex Grey

So we’re sitting comfortably. What’s next?

With the focus between the eyebrows, there’s a slight buzzing. Like a fly circling in front of the forehead. With further attention the pulse becomes noticeable, a slight throbbing pressure. The eyes are still dancing around; once they are still, the head will become darker. As if you’re in a theater, watching a projection on the back of your forehead, and they’ve just dimmed the lights. All of this is very subtle; it would be drowned out by the TV or a single thought.

In mindfulness meditation, we would watch the errant thoughts and sensations arise and depart. In this meditation, we’re seeking union with a chosen object, the point between the eyebrows, our center of intuition. We can hold in our minds the question “What is real?” to anchor our search, WITHOUT trying to solve it. Just returning again and again to the questioning: is this buzzing real? is this pressure real? is this darkness real?

Be receptive to healing, be receptive to feeling.

What is real? We look at a photo, and know that it is an image, not real, but it depicts a time and place and object which WAS real. We look at our bodies, and they have changed since the year before, the day before, the second before. What is reality?

Dive into the question without trying, without “figuring”, without “meditating”. Fall into the question as if falling asleep. Absorbed and absorbing the resting state.

Dive into the sensation between the eyebrows, the pulses like waves of the ocean, rippling outward through the body. Feel each breath slowly amplify the quiet quiet hissing and buzzing. Listen, and listen again. Feel every sound like an echo on the forehead. Let the mind be completely absorbed.

This practice is rejuvenating yet calming. The thoughts and body have fallen away, a new layer of the self shines out. Meditation is a space in which we listen to all the millions of subtle sensations going on inside our skins, and give energy to our inner workings. Thirty minutes before bed each night is excellent; we often waste that much time just “getting to” sleep. Try it as your homework for the next month.