Vitamins: Bitter Pills

Vitamins B(erry) & C(herry)
Vitamins B(erry) & C(herry)

Well, the New York Times has published another blow to the pharmaceutical / health food industry:

In the past few years, several high-quality studies have failed to show that extra vitamins, at least in pill form, help prevent chronic disease or prolong life.

The fifties marked the boom of science, and its miracles of white bread and infant formula, but the pendulum is swinging back to intuitive or traditional nutrition. Yes, you have to eat your vegetables:

Scientists suspect that the benefits of a healthful diet come from eating the whole fruit or vegetable, not just the individual vitamins found in it. “There may not be a single component of broccoli or green leafy vegetables that is responsible for the health benefits,” Dr. Gann said. “Why are we taking a reductionist approach and plucking out one or two chemicals given in isolation?”

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