Vinyasa Yoga with Julianna Takacs at Greenhouse Holistic

Julianna, dont kill me for using this photo
Julianna, don't kill me for using this photo

There are some teachers whose personality is more instructive than the sequence they teach; their peaceful radiance or infectious energy is a dose of vitamins in and of itself. Their sequence must of course form a safe outline for your learning, but their words, and the spaces between the words, encourage exploration and absorption at more subtle levels.

Julianna, at Greenhouse Holistic, is a teacher like this for me. The class is a simple vinyasa sequence, lots of forward bends and back bends, but I leave with a sense of calm that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Part of this is the pacing Down Dogs are held 30 seconds at a time, Corpse is given a full five minutes but most of all I appreciate the consistent calm with which she delivers instruction week after week. Maybe that’s the grace of her ballet background, or maybe it’s just my personal need for fewer drama queens in my life; either way, it’s total therapy.

The Monday night class is packed to the gills, as is the Saturday brunch, so I’d go Wednesday mornings if you can. They’re intermediate level, and I’d say that’s right; a basic familiarity with the poses is recommended, but they’re not too incredibly physical. Class is always a pleasure.