Two Great Moments

From yesterday:

1) Julie Dohman’s Anusara class at YogaWorks Soho: Standing on one foot, we held the other foot in one hand and stretched it out to the side… for our neighbor to take hold of! “Like a chain of elephants.” I could write a whole post just about the sweetness of this moment…

I got real, genuine smiles from people on both sides, and how (even though I hate partner yoga) it broke down the invisible walls between the mats and created a unity that is often lacking in yoga studios… but I will have to settle for this note. (BTW, Julie is a great teacher — she managed to lead and adjust a stuffed-to-the-gills room of SIXTY students, without a break in stride.)

2) Carrying my yoga mat bag around all day, from home to a client to lunch to work to class, and realizing, once I went to open it, that it was actually a camera tripod bag. I don’t even own a tripod. I have no idea where I traded bags. There are so many clichés here, about paying attention, labeling things, and the difference between perception and reality, that I think the post is already written.

3 thoughts on “Two Great Moments”

  1. Julie seems like a really great teacher. The other day I was reading about Yoga To The People and how they have so many people in their classes and i was wondering how a teacher could handle correcting so many people at once. I guess Julie has found the key. Also did you ever find your mat bag or how it got switched with the tripod? I need to know how this story ends.

  2. Yes she has apparently been teaching for years and years, she could spot an overzealous backbend from across the room. But to Yogaworks’ credit, they often have an assistant or two per class.

    The mat was at my office! Leaning calmly against my desk, the tripod bag had been ostentatiously sprawled across a side table. Peace is restored in my universe.

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