Tuvan Throat Singing

If you are interested in the range of sounds and vibrations the human body can make (I’ve always loved opera for that reason), check out Alash at Barbes in Brooklyn tomorrow. I heard them last night at a friend’s party, and they’re supposedly up for a Grammy? They do overtone singing on top of traditional Tuvan folk music. That’s between Mongolia and Siberia.

Here’s a clip, although like opera I think it’s only great in person. You can hear the throat singing around 0:53.

POSTSCRIPT: The show was REALLY amazing, and their manager shared a lot of interesting stories and background. They are indeed up for 2 Grammys with Bela Fleck they are on his Christmas album Jingle All The Way.

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  1. I keep meaning to tell you. I saw/heard those guys on Lopez. Amazing is right! Have you seen the movie “Ghengis Blues”? Highly recommended….more info about Tuva, throat-singing, and the guy that wrote that song “Jet Air Liner”…..

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