This YogaMamma is Tired

I’ve run all over New York City. I’ve raced in and out of subways, ran to meetings, stayed out too late, drank too much, danced all night, but I could always catch up on my sleep and I was never as tired as I am now, as a mother. When you become a mother, 8 o’clock rolls around and you’re ready to get in bed. It sounds crazy, even to me. I look at my past life in Manhattan and I can barely remember who I was.

Presently, if I go to bed at midnight, I think to myself, “Oh no! My baby has 5 hours on me already and I have to wake up at 7! He is going to run me over tomorrow!” When I lose sleep or don’t get enough of it which is often I make excuses to skip yoga class.

On top of this, my baby is a big boy and I started getting terrible shoulder pain from holding him all day up and down the stairs, in and out of the car, dancing (we dance everyday). It was so uncomfortable that for a while, I was sleeping with a heating pad on it my husband would roll over in the middle of the night and Id be on fire! I thought yoga would put too much pressure on my shoulder and make the injury worse.

This yogi knew she had missed too many classes, and so I went to yoga class yesterday. I always feel worse when I don’t practice regularly. So I said to myself, “You see more clearly after yoga. You feel better. You are stronger and leaner. This is the one place where all you have to do is be on your mat and breathe.”

I told my yoga teacher that I’d been having terrible shoulder pain. She told me to monitor my responses to the poses. If my shoulder pain seemed worse after class, Id need to make the appropriate modifications. But after class, as always, I felt like a new woman and my shoulder was not hurting. I told my teacher and she said, “If you only have a little shoulder pain, yoga can help the healing process and keep the shoulder joint stable.”

It is possible I just found more reasons to practice and love yoga.