The End of Solitude

I vont to be on Facebook
I vont to be on Facebook

Beautiful essay by William Deresiewicz:

As we all seek more connectivity, we lose our sense of a private self. We no longer hear the still, small voice that speaks only in silence.

It feels somehow wrong to blog about this essay in fact I interrupted my own reading three times to post it on Facebook, Google Reader and Yogoer but I’d be an ostrich to think Thoreau’s state of mind might return. No matter how much the Brooklyn flannel/beard trend would like to convince me. We can’t find peace on the farm; it’s been spiked by cell phone towers. I went hiking in a state park, and could not escape views of suburbia. But I’d never really acknowledged that when we make it home to our sanctuaries, we are still not alone. The television is there as background noise or escape route. The internet offers infinite answers to questions we have only to think up. And the cell phone never stops buzzing.

So, what’s a girl to do? I can dream that this evolution of society might follow the path of meditation: from individual consciousness, to group consciousness, to universal consciousness. Yogi Bhajan emphasizes that we must pass through the second stage to get to the third (which is why he emphasizes group practices), but can you really envision our entire world in the third stage? With everyone, from reality show rejects to peace prize winners, in six degrees of congregation? And with technology as the route to get us there?

Sorry for the Carrie Bradshaw ending, but it’s time for bed.