Thai Yoga Massage with Greg Franklin

I would be hard pressed to think of a gift better than massage. The more yoga I do, the more body-aware I get, and the more I actually hear the muscles and joints crying for a little attention. Besides Down Dog.

So, when my friend Greg needed guinea pigs on whom to practice his Thai Yoga Massage training, I jumped at the chance. Computer Pose is not doing my musculature any favors.

I’ve been pining for a trigger point massage, as I have some left side tightness that is spreading like swine flu, and the sadistic forms of massage seem to have the longest-lasting effects. But I’d never had a Thai Yoga Massage only a few poses doled out at the end of AcroYoga classes here and there. I knew it was nicknamed “lazy man’s yoga” because you’re pushed and pulled into different positions as you lay on the floor. I didn’t know how awesome it was.

Laying on my back, I was kneaded from toes to hips, plied into a butterfly, and pulled into a twist. These culinary techniques continued on my side, up my back, and out my arms. I was hung sideways by a leg and an arm. I was rolled up into a ball and squished. Each limb, each digit, was folded and pressed. Chin, cheeks and eyebrows were pinched tight, and my whole skull was scrubbed clean.

It was definitely the most whole-body massage I’ve ever had every major muscle group was covered from multiple angles. I could feel the stress buzzing as it was prodded and pulled, and afterward I felt as if I’d been drained of some toxic fluid. Clear and happy.

Greg has a great sense of touch, and perfect pressure; he’s a natural. And: he makes house calls. If you’re sore or stressed, email someoneonesun at gmail dot com.