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10% off Prenatal Teacher Training this weekend

Carrie Parker Gastel
Carrie Parker Gastel

There’s a growing (ha) need for prenatal teachers — if you’ve been thinking about getting the certification, there’s a deal this weekend. YogaWorks (Union Square) is offering a prenatal training for “yoga teachers, doulas, labor and delivery nurses, childbirth educators, midwives, and pregnant women interested in deepening their practice.”

Taught by Lamaze certified Childbirth Educator / yoga instructor Carrie Parker Gastel, the training will cover the physiological process of pregnancy and birth, asanas for “optimal fetal positioning” and easier labor and birth, asana modifications and contraindications, pelvic bodywork, kegels, pain coping techniques, vocalization, mantra, and more.

Yogoer readers get 10% off!

Download the flyer

June 4-5, 2011
Saturday, 12:30-8:30pm
Sunday, 12:30-6:00pm

YogaWorks Union Square
138 5th Avenue, 4th floor

To register call Nicole Montes at 646.442.6203


Breakti This Saturday

Anya Porter
Ms Anya Porter

Who needs some yoga-breakdance-sauna time? (Everyone.)

This Saturday, 7-10pm at Yogaworks Soho, is another session of Breakti with the superfun Anya Porter. Beginners are welcome; you’ll learn some basic yoga moves to prep the body for floor work, and then practice a slow-building breakin’ sequence or two. Relaxing in the sauna afterwards makes for a perfect Saturday night.

Want more info? Read our previous post: Yoga Spanda with Anya Porter.

Preregister now and get $5 off!

Yoga Breakti This Saturday

One of my favorite things is happening this Saturday: Yoga + Breakdance with Anya Porter!

This one is back at YogaWorks Soho, which means you can chill (I mean sweat) in the sauna afterwards.

Breakti with Anya Porter
street – dance – yoga
Saturday, October 23rd, 2010
$25 ($30 day-of)

YogaWorks Soho
459 Broadway, at Grand
Bring a long sleeve shirt, and a beanie hat or hoodie
Sauna and refreshments to follow!

AND — special deal — Yogoer readers get $5 off admission! Just email anya [at] yoga-spanda [dot] com with “Twitter” as the subject line.

It’s totally beginner friendly, and a ton of fun. See you there?

Yoga Spanda with Anya Porter — Yoga Plus Breakdance!

Anya Porter
Best profile pic ever

If you’re free this Saturday night, come out for fun times at YogaWorks Soho. Anya Porter is doing another Yoga Spanda — her mashup class teaching both yoga and breakdancing.

I went last month, to the inaugural event at Mark Morris Dance Studios, and had a super great time. We spent the first hour doing slow Vinyasa yoga, with a focus on drawing everything up towards the core. This prepped our minds, and protected our lower backs, when we moved to the floor. (The action of tucking the tail, finding a “cat spine” in each pose, was a really helpful tip for days to come.)

The second hour was breakdance: uprock, a six step, and a freeze. Don’t worry about looking like a complete idiot; the class was very beginner-friendly. I am the gangliest, slowest breakdancer in the world, and I had tons of fun.

The class has live music; funk and soul provided by DJ Scribe. “Spanda” is the pulse of life, the ebb and flow of each pose, and part of the exercise is feeling the beat, exploring yoga plus music.

Here’s the video:

This month’s class is at YogaWorks Soho, so you can decompress in the sauna afterward. Details:

Yoga Spanda at YogaWorks Soho
Saturday, August 7th, 2010
7 pm – 10 pm

This event is bound to be an amazing one…  We have landed the fabulous YogaWorks Soho equipped with a beautiful studio, showers and SAUNAS!!!!  Also featuring refreshments and bites following class from Sattvic Succulents!!! And last but not least, FREE GOODIE BAGS AND SAMPLES from Khushi Spa in Tribeca!!!  We also have some collaborations in the working for an amazing event at Le Poisson Rouge that evening…  breathe, break it down…  spa and sip…  then walk over to LPR to work it out for the rest of the evening!!!

Register at http://bhaktiandbreakdance.tumblr.com/yogaspanda
$25 pre-reg, $30 day-of
Pre-register and get a free week of classes at YogaWorks Soho!

See you there?