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Winter Hiking and Camping

Hike Mt. Wittenberg
Hike Mt. Wittenberg

Last week I was accosted outside the Food Co-op by one of those flyer guys. I managed to shrug him off, but as I glanced at his flyer I realized I actually wanted one. So I went back.

Brooklyn Outfitters, based in Williamsburg, is leading some cool outdoor adventures throughout the winter. This weekend there’s a 7.5 mile hike up Mt. Wittenberg, “the highest vertical ascent from base to summit” around. Later in the month they’re doing an intro to winter camping, and then a door-to-door ski trip for the same price it would cost to buy a lift ticket.

Get out into nature this season, check out their website: www.brooklynoutfitters.com

Health and Travel Deals at MindBodyGreen

Our friends over at MindBodyGreen, a great site for articles on all things healthy, have launched a couple new resources for green living.

Their New York site, ny.mindbodygreen.com, offers local deals on yoga, cleanses, restaurants, and more. And their travel site, travel.mindbodygreen.com, is like Jetsetter for yoga retreats and eco-resorts. They’re currently running a contest where you can win two nights at “Jamaica’s #1 eco-boutique hotel” just give them your email to enter.