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Don’t Read This. Go Do Your Work.

Yesterday’s Times gave us a long article on the distraction engine known as technology. Kids these days — they’re using tech to find their passions (such as sending 27,000 text messages a month), and ignore their reading assignments.

“I realized there were choices,” Vishal recalls. “Homework wasn’t the only option.”

…Sam Crocker, Vishal’s closest friend, who has straight A’s but lower SAT scores than he would like, blames the Internet’s distractions for his inability to finish either of his two summer reading books.

“I know I can read a book, but then I’m up and checking Facebook,” he says, adding: “Facebook is amazing because it feels like you’re doing something and you’re not doing anything. It’s the absence of doing something, but you feel gratified anyway.”

He concludes: “My attention span is getting worse.”

We’re going to have to come up with some powerful meditation lessons for these guys. (Full article on the New York Times: Growing Up Digital, Wired For Distraction.)