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Wake Up at the Alignment Center

For those of us that missed last month’s screening of WAKE UP, there’s another one next Wednesday (Dec 1st) at The Alignment Center in Chelsea. Details:

The screening will be followed by Q&A discussion with the two co-directors, Jonas Elrod and Chloe Crespi, as well as Alignment Center’sFounder Omar Abrahim. Advanced tickets can be ordered at:http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/138872

7:00pm Wednesday, Dec 1st, 2010
The Alignment Center (120 West 28th St)

I’m going to try to make it, say hi if you see me!

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More about the film: www.wakeupthefilm.com

The Time for Change

Daniel Pinchbeck, author of Breaking Open the Head: A Psychedelic Journey into the Heart of Contemporary Shamanism (a GREAT book), has a new documentary out. It’s playing a limited run at Loews Village (3rd Ave at 11th St) until this Thursday, October 18th.

2012: Time for Change presents an optimistic alternative to apocalyptic doom and gloom. Directed by Emmy Award nominee Joo Amorim, the film follows journalist Daniel Pinchbeck, author of the bestselling 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, on a quest for a new paradigm that integrates the archaic wisdom of tribal cultures with the scientific method. As conscious agents of evolution, we can redesign post-industrial society on ecological principles to make a world that works for all. Rather than breakdown and barbarism, 2012 heralds the birth of a regenerative planetary culture where collaboration replaces competition, where exploration of psyche and spirit becomes the new cutting edge, replacing the sterile materialism that has pushed our world to the brink. The film features Sting, Ellen Page, David Lynch, Gilberto Gil, and many other artists and visionaries.

Here’s the trailer:

Thanks swissmiss for the heads-up. More info at Reality Sandwich.

Wake Up at Jivamukti Next Friday

I love good documentaries, and WAKE UP (which just came out on DVD) looks super interesting:

Jonas Elrod was leading an ordinary life until he woke up one day to a totally new reality. He suddenly could see and hear angels, demons, auras and ghosts.

The documentary WAKE UP follows this fascinating story of an average guy who inexplicably developed the ability to access other dimensions. Physicians gave him a clean bill of health and were unable to provide an explanation.

With his loving but skeptical girlfriend by his side, Jonas crisscrosses the country as he searches for answers and delves deeper into this thrilling world of the phenomenal and spiritual. Along the way, he encounters an amazing group of religious teachers, scientists, mystics and spiritual healers who help him piece together this intricate puzzle.

Jivamukti is hosting a screening next week. (The only one in New York so far besides the premiere with Sting.) Jonas the subject and the director will be there to do a Q&A after the film. Friday, October 8th, 8pm, $8

Read more about the film at wakeupthefilm.com

Read more about the screening at Jivamukti

Watch the trailer: