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Next weekend: Laughing Lotus staycation

I’m really excited to be attending the Laughing Lotus summit/conference/reunion/staycation next weekend (June 14-16). Do other studios do this? It’s a great idea. Bring your community back together for a yearly reunion, and provide continuing education at the same time. There are 2-3 options for each main time slot, so you can personalize your studies. Topics include safety in inversions, Ayurvedic approaches to sequencing, guidelines for prenatal classes, setting up a teaching website, how to teach basics — and of course lots of fun asana. And chanting.

Classes will be taught by  Dana Trixie Flynn, Alison Cramer, Sheri Celentano, Mary Dana Abbott, Lauren Magarelli, Kate Duyn Cariati, Emily Stone and more.

And this year the Summit sponsors the Lineage Project, which provides yoga and meditation to at?risk and incarcerated youth (age 10 to 21) as an alternative to stress, violence and incarcerations. I’m really happy to see efforts to expand the diversity and accessibility of yoga in the US.

I’ll be there Saturday and Sunday, say hello if you’re going!

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