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Wanderlust #3 to Launch in Miami

Wanderlust at the Standard Miami
Wanderlust at the Standard Miami

We just received word that Wanderlust, the yoga + music festival started by Schuyler Grant, is branching into a THIRD location this year. The Standard Hotel, which is quite the patron of cool yoga and design events, will be hosting Wanderlust Miami. So the full calendar for 2011 is now:

Lake Tahoe, July 2831

Vermont, June 2326

Miami, March 1720

The lineup is smaller for Miami 4 yoga teachers instead of 10. In Miami you’ll have:

Schuyler Grant, director of Kula Yoga (Kula Flow, in Tribeca and Williamsburg)

Elena Brower, director of Vira Yoga (Anusara, in Soho)

Barbara Verrochi and Kristin Leigh, directors of The Shala (Ashtanga and Vinyasa, in Union Square)

And for music you’ll have Bonobo, Garth Stevenson, Prasanna, Shaman’s Dream, and the Mayapuris. [I’m only familiar with Garth, he does some of the live music Fridays at Tara Glazier’s Abhaya Yoga. Stand-up bass, AMAZING for yoga.] They’re also featuring a “theatrical performance” by Jenny Zebede.

I do have to say it’s kind of hilarious that “your Wanderlust adventure” is going to take you to a designer hotel in South Beach. The call of the wild has definitely evolved.

Check out the official site for more information

Little Lesson: Pain Isn’t Progress

From Stephanie Sandleben, at Kula Yoga:

Stephanie: So, in my own practice, I’ve been thinking about the difference between sensation, and tapas. And realizing that they’re not the same thing.

Rough quote, I’m forgetting more of it, but her words hit the spot. It’s taken me years to realize that yoga is not the Marines, pain is not “a sign of weakness leaving the body.” Tapas, the purifying burn that is a big reason we practice asana, is achieved through appropriate challenges for the body. Not masochism and ignorance.

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