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Go to Class!

I wish I were this cute when I have the slugs
I wish I were this cute when I have the slugs

Holiday deadlines, moving apartments… I lost my yoga practice somewhere in the transition between neighborhoods and seasons. It was hard to commit to class cards just before the move, and easy to let the price of a drop-in class become an excuse. (But selling furniture did increase the frequency of home practice! Ah, space.)

Even though many teachers remind us that most yoga happens off the mat, I could recognize the obvious symptoms of asana withdrawal. Crankiness, inefficiency, insomnia, heaviness, depression… (it is December, after all). But somehow the days kept going by without class… important things kept coming up. You know, email.

Finally, I made a decision. I’d signed up for the free week at YogaWorks Soho back during Yoga Week, but never made it there. I said OK YOU’RE GOING THERE, it’s a beautiful studio, stop trying to pick the perfect post-move place. I looked at the schedule, and spotted a friendly face: Aarona Pichinson. She’s a great teacher, and it was a level 2/3 class so I knew I could modify down for my sluggish sleepy body. Done. Decided. No backing down.

It was just what I needed, and I couldn’t believe how happy I was later. Work worries? Seasonal depression? Eh, it’ll pass! No big deal! Hey neighbor!

Anyways, I thought people could probably relate and so I just wanted to give a little push: GO TO CLASS!!! If you’re stuck in the muck, just think about a class you’ve enjoyed in the past and go see that teacher again! Anything’s better than the slugs.