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Winter Hiking and Camping

Hike Mt. Wittenberg
Hike Mt. Wittenberg

Last week I was accosted outside the Food Co-op by one of those flyer guys. I managed to shrug him off, but as I glanced at his flyer I realized I actually wanted one. So I went back.

Brooklyn Outfitters, based in Williamsburg, is leading some cool outdoor adventures throughout the winter. This weekend there’s a 7.5 mile hike up Mt. Wittenberg, “the highest vertical ascent from base to summit” around. Later in the month they’re doing an intro to winter camping, and then a door-to-door ski trip for the same price it would cost to buy a lift ticket.

Get out into nature this season, check out their website: www.brooklynoutfitters.com

Little Lesson: Chase Rainbows

Bakasana, from Yoga Journal
Bakasana, by Yoga Journal

From Elias Lopez, at Abhaya Yoga:

Elias, demonstrating Bakasana: You can stay here, with the toes on the ground. That’s the pink variation. Or you can lift one foot, that’s the blue variation. Or the other foot, that’s still blue. Or lift both feet, that’s the purple variation. Any color you wish; all colors are light.

Rough quote, but it was a beautiful use of language. To get people to detach from chasing “advanced” variations, just because they’re there, we need to eliminate the hierarchy of Beginner < Intermediate < Advanced. The variations are like colors, distinct but equal; we just want to choose the one that feels right for the moment.

[Strala Yoga does something similar, calling its classes “Strong”, “Relax” and “Recover.”]

Little Lesson: Pull Back!

Visvamitrasana, from Yoga Journal
Visvamitrasana, from Yoga Journal

From Tara Glazier, at Abhaya Yoga:

Student: Why do I feel like I’m pulling my shoulder out if its socket? [in Visvamitrasana]

Tara: You might be!

This wake-up call drew a big round of laughter from the class. It’s easy to forget that the asanas are serious challenges for the body. (She went on to explain that we need to draw the shoulder strongly back into its socket to counteract the force of the leg.)

Full on Breathing

I’m still chewing on an idea from yoga this morning, a delicious treat. Even better than weekend pastries.

Tara Glazier, the owner of Abhaya Yoga in Dumbo, was teaching us the concept of arm spirals. (It’s an alignment refinement she said she just figured out last week, after 10 years of practice.) We would internally rotate the arms, rounding the shoulders, to feel the width across the upper back, the spreading between the shoulder blades, and the expansion of the breath in the back of the body.

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Anusara with Tara Glazier at Abhaya Yoga

Abhaya Yoga
Abhaya Yoga

On Friday I stopped through Dumbo on my way home. A friend was having a party in her workspace there, and my can’t-make-it excuse (“I’m supposed to go to yoga”) held no water once she informed me that her office had a yoga studio ON THE SAME FLOOR. So, 6:30 yoga; 8:00 party it was. ($10 new student specials help with spontaneity.)

Abhaya Yoga just opened last week. It’s the only yoga studio in Dumbo, so it’s a welcome addition to the beautiful waterfront. (They lead free classes in the park at 2pm Saturdays.) The views from 10 Jay Street are ridiculous, so I was excited to test my focus against them.

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Free Yoga Tuesdays


Sangha Yoga Shala, the new-ish “Community House” in Williamsburg, is offering a free class with founder Alana Kessler!

On Tuesday, Sangha Yoga Shala will make sure that finding yourself in an awkward position leaves you more centered than bent out of shape. As part of its “free yoga Tuesdays,” the studio offers a basic vinyasa class with a professional instructor.

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Yoga Jobs: Yoga Teacher at Sangha Yoga Shala

“Be the Change You Wish To See In The World”

These are the words of Gandhi, a man whose life was defined by selflessness, nonviolence and whose legacy ignited a spiritual revolution. It is true that humans must expand their own individual consciousness and integrate that awareness in themselves before one is able to offer that truth unto the world, but the real transformative power lies in the collective. Only in community can we transcend and truly make a positive impact on the world.

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Free Yoga for Seniors

Just found out about this great program: CityParks is offering six-week fitness classes to seniors, for free. The fall session started September 21. Yoga offerings are located at the following parks:


Roy Wilkins Park: Yoga W/F 11 AM, Tennis Courts Baisley Blvd & 177th St

Flushing Meadows Corona Park: Yoga M/W 9 AM, Park Tennis Courts Meridian Rd


Van Cortlandt Park / Woodlawn: Yoga M/W 9 AM, Woodlawn Courts Jerome Ave & E 233 St

Pelham Bay Park: Yoga M/W 9 AM, Middleton Road & Stadium Ave


Inwood Hill Park: Yoga T/TH 9 AM, Tennis Courts W 207 St & Seaman Ave


Marine Park: Yoga M/W 9 AM, Nature Center Ave U & E 32 St

Red Hook Park: Yoga M/W 9 AM, Recreation Center 155 Bay St


Greenbelt Park: Yoga M/W 9 AM,  again at 10 AM, 501 Brielle Ave

Thanks to CharityFocus Blog for the tip. (Click the link to read about her experiences teaching the classes.)