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Tips for Winter Biking

Bike Shoveler Needed
Bike Shoveler Needed

So I’m guessing a lot of you yoga lovers bike. Are you getting depressed because the cold weather is forcing you onto crowded trains, and stealing your endorphin buzz? Let’s find some other options! I’m a fair-weather biker, and I’m fascinated by year-round riders. So I’ve been asking each one I meet for their secrets. Here are my favorites, as I remember them :)

On the rain:

“Rain jacket, detachable rear fender.” Ben, Manhattan

“I just wear a poncho. My legs? I don’t care if they get wet.” Ippou, Brooklyn

On the cold:

“Tights and dresses are good, then you can add as many layers as you need. Legwarmers are key. Shoes? I’ll wear anything that doesn’t have a heel. Look at my boots!” Anna, Manhattan

“Wear two layers of tights. No one will notice.” some YouTube video

“Get the ninja mask.” Shelley, Brooklyn [She means this thing.]

“The most important thing is a neck warmer. Sometimes I just wear like three of them. And don’t be afraid to stop, and take off a layer, and put it in your backpack. If you wear too many clothes you bike too slow, you won’t warm up.” Prem, Brooklyn

On the snow:

“Biking in the snow is fun! You slide around everywhere.” Andrio, Brooklyn

“Do you have health insurance yet?” My dad

Do you have any tips for winter biking? Please share them below!