Stress Yoga Stress Yoga

This week’s TimeOut New York is the jobs issue, with recommended steps after losing or quitting your job. One I really liked:

“…address the first issue, which is stress. Whatever you do for stress control, do a lot of itólike yoga or running.”

I made that decision a couple weeks ago, when I was finally ready to roll out of vacation mode, and it’s totally the gospel. I’ve practiced hard every day for a week now, and I’m finally feeling (almost) normal. And, I’m so weary that I can actually sit in my chair and work on the computer for hours at a time (I used to need a big, incapacitating meal to do that). Full-time work is more exhausting (and at its worst, more infuriating), but freelance life is way more stressful for me.

[Note: TimeOut says this is for day three. I choose to groundhog day three, apparently.]

Similarly, the New York Times published science’s latest treat: we (adults) need to work out an hour a day to stay fit. Sixty minutes, every day. That’s a crazy goal for most people, and I’ve always felt unfortunate that I see it as a personal requirement ó it really kills the social life. When I’m high-strung / mental, I know physical activity is the best treatment, but it’s funny to read that it’s a universal recommendation. I know so many people that NEVER exercise, and seem to lead happy and healthy lives. But who knows. Yoga [the anonymous person named Yoga] says that poses are not necessary if your mind is fine. Just love your big belly.