So, go! Molly (no longer at) Greenhouse

I just went to a new (for me) class (at Greenhouse) and loved it. Even though I had decided to do a Pilates routine today so I could work more, the teacher’s bio won me over:

Molly’s yoga class is known for it’s [sic] intelligent Hatha flow in a vigorous and dynamic style that heals, balances, and promotes adventure in the way of transgressing personal boundaries. Using precision in asana (physical postures), pranayama (breathing techniques) and practive [sic] as well as the tools to develp [sic] an individual connection to the art of yoga. Classes are paced moderately and are designed with modifications for all levels and abilities. Molly is inspired by the teachings of Tantra, and infuses these teachings into her classes. “When we change the way we look at things; the things we look at change.”

She was calm and well-paced and had a lot of unusual alignment instructions (engage the spinal extensors in Warrior III; shoulders over the elbows in Dolphin). She said she studies with Irene Dowd at Julliard, who teaches anatomy for dance, which sometimes conflicts with the specifics of yoga alignment but is often better at getting the general direction across. For example, “drop your shoulders” might make students collapse through the whole chest.

Turns out this was Molly’s last class at Greenhouse; her school schedule has changed so she has to drop that class for now. I’m so glad I went. This is kind of the whole feeling behind this site, that your brain and habits will talk you out of so many things so stop thinking and go now!

(She’s also at The Well, a new-ish Pilates studio at 25 Broadway, at Wythe.)

One thought on “So, go! Molly (no longer at) Greenhouse”

  1. Hey Scout,

    This looks great! I’ll change it on my link list.

    So, no man, I live in Brooklyn too. I live off the “F” line, so it’s a pretty easy commute, but it takes me at least 30 (if not 45) minutes to get to the studio. It’s not bad, since I’m in Man a Hatta everyday practically anyhow and it’s not too hard to find time for a class. I do sometimes wish there was a place in my neighborhood…I’ve even thought of starting one! (in all my free time, dig)…I ought to check out some Brooklyn haunts, but I just love the Lotus so much!

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