Shoulders. (Shrug.)

There's a muscle underneath the shoulder blade!

I’m trying to watch the inauguration replay, but Live is not loading… the Facebook sidebar is giving me more info than CNN.

I haven’t posted since last week… it’s been same old same old with my shoulder. It feels better for a day, then worse in another way. I should probably see a doctor, but I’m worried that my superbasic freelancers’ insurance won’t cover much. I don’t know a sports medicine specialist, and my GP is a kind old grandpa who tells me incorrect information about my prescriptions. The knot on the back of the shoulder blade is much better, and the pinching feeling around the top of my arm is reduced but still there. I’ve been going to my regular vinyasa and hatha classes, but taking it easy and just holding basic versions of the poses. My guess was that I should keep warming up and gently strengthening / stretching the infraspinatous and teres minor… but is a week too short a time to expect it to be better? Patience is not my virtue. I kind of forgot to keep massaging the knots, though.

The cool part about an injury is that you get to study one part of the body in detail, and understand what that part is doing in each pose. It actually inspired me to practice at home more, since I wanted to explore poses for the shoulder. It put me back into beginners’ mind for my studio practices, since I had to reconfirm how I wanted to approach, hold, and exit each pose. And it gave me an excuse to do more gentle stretching and breathing practices. It might also give me an excuse to get a massage with this woman who works on the New York Ballet dancers… I’ve heard her sessions are INTENSE.

One other lesson: be kind. I think I instigated the problem (tension and knots) when I realized that my left side is weaker than my right, and promptly tried to fix the problem by putting more weight and flexion into my left side during Down Dog, Mountain, whatever. I still think strengthening is probably needed on that side, but maybe I went at it more aggressively than I realized? Can’t think what else would have caused a non-dominant side injury. Unless it’s my computer pose: elbows on the desk, leaning slightly into my left arm…

I’ll keep you posted on this issue that is transfixing the nation. Back to the webcasts now.

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  1. Hmm… I’ve had tension and crackling in that area for a few years, stress-related, but the acute pain (along with head colds and hip spasms) is coming at a time when I’m dealing w/some career and personal change… I’m not a person who feels prana, really, so I can’t speak to the koshas so well, and in my practice I just want to avoid the area, since I don’t know what’s going on. Hatha practice — no quick changes — feels best… thanks for asking.

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