Poses in the Park

The Atmananda Sequence. Poster designed by me!

Last night I jogged to the park and did almost the entire Atmananda Sequence. It takes about an hour to do all 69 poses — it’s a very fast vinyasa class. I forgot Peacock, Firefly, and Boat. I skipped Frog and Sleeping Yogi. (Legs behind the head in the middle of Brooklyn is a little racy, even for me.) This is the sequence that inspired me to do a teacher training. It’s great for strength, flexibility, and focus (it’s so fast you have to pay complete attention or you lose it).

8:30pm is a great time to practice outdoors.

4 thoughts on “Poses in the Park”

  1. Hi! I love that poster and was wondering if it would be possible to buy a copy from you for my physiotherapy clinic. Only problem – I live in Ireland! Any chance of ordering one?

  2. Hi Thomas, thanks for asking! I think that’s fine, the studio used to provide small ones as handouts. If you want the full 24 x 36″ poster you can contact Atmananda.

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