New (Ancient) Books on Yoga

A book written on palm leaves
A book written on palm leaves

Yoga Journal just posted about an exciting project underway:

The proposed 600-page project is called the Tantric Studies Reader, and it’s being put together by renowned Sanskrit and Yogic scholars. These scholars estimate that only 4% of the hundreds of key texts on yoga and Tantra have yet been translated. There are thousands more, unknown to the Western world, written on palm leaves … in libraries in India and Nepal. This project is all about getting a hold of these manuscripts, translating them, and making them available to the yoga community at large.

Only 4% of the texts have been translated? That seems unreal. No wonder you have to learn Sanskrit as a Brahmin.

(Tantric philosophy is basically the belief that one can achieve enlightenment in this lifetime, not just the domain of Sting and his wife. The body is seen as the vehicle for enlightenment, not the obstacle.)