Mom Yoga

My mom stayed with me for the past 3.5 days. I did zero yoga. But, we saw

The 39 Steps
The 39 Steps
Pietre Dure
Pietre Dure
Step Afrika
Step Afrika
Brooklyn Botanical Garden
Bot Garden
  • theater: The 39 Steps, brilliant plot (it was a Hitchcock movie) and brilliant comedy
  • dance: Step Afrika, a tap/rap amalgamation created by college kids (also a horrible “modern” dance performance to the Sound of Music that was immature and incoherent)
  • art: Pietre Dure (Medici-era treasures in stone) and William Turner exhibitions at the Met; Salvador Dali exhibition of drawings in SoHo; Brooklyn Botanical Garden (with Japanese pond)
  • music: 200 Guitars was canceled, but we saw a fusion band at Lucky Cat and live music at Moto
  • food: The Olive Vine and Le Gamin, Enid’s and ‘Snice, Taipan Bakery bubble tea all make me hap-py

I was definitely a wee bit cranky by the end, I usually get yoga withdrawal symptoms around day two of no yoga, but we walked at least 20 miles so I was not too wound up. She had agreed to go to a hatha class on Saturday morning I told her how slow hatha helps lubricate and strengthen the joints but when I got up at 9, sluggish and ready to bail, she was already showered and dressed and we didn’t want to go. Plus, she thinks slow yoga is boring, and fast yoga’s too hard on her knees. Maybe I need to get her drunk first. The wine helped her walk…

So, last night I finally went to the park to practice. I ran three miles, all inspired by The New Yorker’s article on the marathoner Ryan Hall. But my usual practice spot was full of mosquitoes, and the whole park was crowded like it was Family Night, so I did no more than 10 minutes of poses. I did sit by the fence to meditate for five minutes. I’ll give myself one gold star for managing to keep my eyes closed as the teenagers and stroller moms walked by. At least I didn’t get clipped in the head by a soccer ball, like the jogger ahead of me.

I guess I didn’t do ZERO yoga I stretched my feet and back every morning. But I’m not sticking to any of my previous goals. I’m such a compromiser that I’m not good at carving out time for myself amid family or work obligations. Serious practice requires serious naysaying to friends and family… and my mom agrees, my ringtone should be “I’m Just a Girl Who Can’t Say No” from Oklahoma. Which sucks, because habits dissolve so easily… I’ve heard it takes 4 weeks to build a habit, and only 1 day to break it. I need a 40-day boot camp to set myself up, then maybe I’d be better trained. The good thing is that I got back on my practice as soon as possible, I’m not doing binge-and-purge stints any more. Short, regular practice is better than longer, infrequent practices. But I think I need to be more specific and enthusiastic about my goals, I get caught up in this non-doing, process-oriented mentality and forget that it’s OK to have goals in yoga; it inspires practice. (But when it’s all about getting The Yoga Body, it’s maybe not so enlightened.) So, I’m going to do some layouts for The Book today, and that will give me some homework. I want to write a bit about each pose, and there’s quite a few I haven’t studied in depth.

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