Master Cleanser: The Dark Side?

Well, let me first say that I have done this fast numerous times with great results. Nothing has worked better to clear up my skin. My digestion has greatly improved. I’ve managed to break some pretty major bad eating cycles this way. But upon further research of Mr. Stanley Burroughs, the guy who devised the fast, some pretty dodgy stuff comes up.

Among other things, he was convicted of 2nd degree felony murder for his treatment of a poor unwitting cancer patient. The patient was to live on only master cleanser (including the saltwater flush) for a month, and also to recieve abdominal massage from Burroughs. He died a painful death. Apparently Burroughs was really stubborn about the way he was treating the patient,  the patient must have been really trusting, and the result was tragic. I wonder if this had anything to do with the amount of sugar in the maple syrup in the recipe? Doesn’t cancer feed on sugar? And in my massage training, I’ve been taught never to directly massage a cancerous area. Maybe Burroughs didn’t know these things, and had that intense and stubborn “My way is THE way” attitude that isn’t so uncommon amongst health “gurus”. Maybe he had success with other cancer patients following the same regime?

I have wondered about the sugary element of the fast, since sugar is often what I’m trying to detox from. But the truth is, that by the time I’m done with the fast, sugar is the last thing I crave.  Maybe  because I’m just so sick of it!  And even though I am normally a person who gets lightheaded if I don’t eat regularly, I never seem to have trouble with this on the master cleanser, which is remarkable and quite probably thanks to the maple syrup. I’m not sure about the chemistry, if maple syrup metabolizes much differently from other sugars (I’m sure Stanley Burroughs would say yes! He claims even diabetics can benefit from this fast, and get off of insulin.)  I read so many different things. It seems that during the fast it must be processed very efficiently, since its the only food the body is getting glucose from. But maybe a note – if you have cancer and are thinking of fasting as a cure, perhaps Master Cleanser is not the best option!

At any rate, when researching the Master Cleanser much more positive information comes up than negative. Many people seem to have benefited greatly from Burroughs’  ideas. I guess its another example of trusting one’s body, ”Take what you can use and leave the rest”, as one of my favorite yoga teachers is always saying.

Some moral support, huh! Hope I haven’t scared anyone away from fasting….

One thought on “Master Cleanser: The Dark Side?”

  1. Hee, the internet scares us all… I think you raise the proper point about individual needs and capabilities. Go ahead and scare people away until they’re good and ready to fast! ;)

    For me, dietary changes take just as much information, practice and awareness as yoga postures… otherwise there’s that Puritanical purge/binge effect. It takes courage, strength, compassion, and wisdom… I am glad you have been through it before :)

    Hope you made it through day four ok and are feeling the benefits!!!

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