Magic Stress Destroyer

Joe BtfsplkYoga is full of so many tips and new habits that it’s sometimes hard to remember them all, and put them into practice in your actual day-to-day existence. But this is what we mean when we say it’s a lifestyle.

Case in point. I was really really busy a while back, and remember having something close to a panic attack as I raced up Sixth Avenue. My mind was flooded and fixated with all the things I wanted to get done; I can’t even tell you what I was physically feeling because I was so up in my head. I take that back; I was tense as a rock, and ready to cry.

Unconsciously, I started exhaling, with force, through pursed lips. It made a little sighing whisper, and made me feel better as I walked.

Two blocks later, my stress had disappeared like a cloud in the sky. I stopped, in disbelief; I was like a different person. I couldn’t understand how something so paralyzing had just floated away. The only thing I could ascribe it to was the breathing; nothing else had changed in those two blocks.

I’m not saying this is some special technique that you should memorize and practice. I’m saying these kind of practices arise naturally when you think or hear about them more and more. They become part of your person, not some outside list to which you refer.

But it is a great technique, because it’s one of the few yogic breaths you can do on the street without looking like a lunatic :)