Jump Back: Slow Motion

Here’s another view of a Jump Back, in super slow motion:

It’s a Crow pose, almost a Tripod Headstand, in the beginning. Great video.

I think this guy is overusing his lower back. It looks like he collapses into his low back a little when he lands. And watch the curve of his spine from Up Dog into Down Dog. (I tend to do the same thing, letting lumbar flexibility overpower core strength.) What do you think?

One thought on “Jump Back: Slow Motion”

  1. It was the arms that caught my eye. The are stacked so beautifully coming out of lolasana, elbows over wrists, all the way until his feet touch down. But then the chaturanga becomes too deep for my taste, and the elbows drift back toward the heels. It’s easy to be a critic from my perch, here in my perfectly aligned Computer Chairasana [grin].

    I think this is a pretty jump back/through vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmxu4DI4qzQ

    Dig your site,

    — Douglas

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