It’s never too young to start Yoga…

Toddlers like to imitate. That’s why it’s important to refrain from using profane words or doing things that you tell them not to do (not so easy sometimes). My 15th month old loves to copy what Mamma does, which, at times, is adorable. One day I was doing yoga poses in front of him. I moved into a downward-facing dog position and he put his little hands on the floor, his tushy up in the air and duplicated the pose. His first down dog came very easy for him and I started laughing because I couldn’t believe it. You can’t imagine how flexible babies are. When you watch them, you understand where happy baby pose came from because they do it naturally starting at three or four months old. Kids really are natural yogis!

So, it is never too young to teach my baby Yoga, which will give him a sense of calmness and concentration. When I say “Down dog,” he runs to the floor and gets into position. Itís awfully sweet.



My 15th month old doing Downward-Facing Dog
My 15th month old doing Downward-Facing Dog

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