Every time I practice yoga, I set an intention before I begin the asanas. Sometimes it’s for a friend or family member who needs help. Sometimes it’s for a cause I believe in or an organization doing good work. For the past week I’ve been dedicating my practice to the people of Haiti.

I’ve given a donation and set up a page on my website that lists resources of how people can learn more about the situation and offer help in a number of ways. I have also alerted several organizations that whenever they need volunteers on the ground, I am willing to go and serve. Offering up my yoga practice is just as important. It is the deepest kind of prayer I know.

As I move between asanas, I breathe for the people of Haiti. I imagine that my movements are moving the rubble, clearing the path for continued rescue operations. When I rise up from the mat, I wish to take their spirits and their faith with me, lifting them up to the sky. As my strength builds, I give them my strength. And as the energy of my practice flows through my body, I give that energy to the aid workers frantically working to get water, food, and supplies flowing to every corner of the country.

Yoga taught me to believe so deeply in the power of intention to generate miracles. And that’s what Haiti needs right now – miracles. They need you and me. They need all of us, donations of our money, time, effort, and spirit. We can’t let them down.

4 thoughts on “Intentions”

  1. Seane Corn’s talk on “moving prayer” and how she sees asana as being a type of praying, really brought home this concept for myself. Now, when I set intentions, I direct some Light and Healing Energy to those that may require it. But I’m careful, sending too much energy without recharging myself might result in depleting my inner Self…

    What a compassionate act- donating to Haiti :)

  2. Yes – that’s true. We do have to make sure that we send energy and keep some on reserve for ourselves as well. However, I do find that practices of giving energy to these types of causes actually generates energy for me rather than depleting it. The power of good intentions!

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