Imagining the Tenth Dimension

A wonderful animation about string theory, by Rob Bryanton. Looks like he has a book to go with it.

Following are the dimensions, with his visual descriptions in parentheses. Not sure if these names are right, he just describes the visuals. Each dimension is actually “twisting and turning in the dimension above” like a Mobius strip. The pattern is point, line, branch, fold, then view the created structure as a point and repeat. The tricky part is visualizing volume as coming from folds/curves, not depth.

0:  Point (no size or dimension)
1ST:  Length (one line)
2ND:  Width (lines branch)
3RD:  Depth (lines folded to create volume)
4TH:  Time (one line indicating state change)
5TH:  Possibility (all branches of space/time)
6TH:  Universe (space/time branches folded)
7TH:  Multiverse (line between universes)
8TH:  Infinity (all branches of all universes)
9TH:  Maximum Possibility (infinity branches folded)
10TH:  All possible branches for all possible timelines of all possible universes (as a single point)

And then he says these tenth-dimensional points are all vibrating to make our elementary particles! Which are composed of universes!

I have to pair that with this:

And this classic:

Someone please vibrate the Eameses.

POSTSCRIPT: My dad the physics major says the video stops making sense about the fifth dimension. We say he needs new bifocals.