Gold Star for You, Kid

How do you keep your practice schedule organized? For me, pen and paper never gets old. And this week I made it into full color:

Mastery of Space and Time
Mastery of Space and Time

That’s my newly-encircled calendar. It’s just an ugly wall calendar from the office supply store that I like because of the weird to-do forms at the top of each page. I was getting overwhelmed with the exercise/ice routine recommended by my PT, on top of my yoga practice, on top of trying to build a meditation practice. I am not a robot and it’s hard to remember to do six exercise routines a day. And floss my teeth.

So, my calendar sat there, and finally BEGGED for some doodling. Blue circles are for meditation. Yellow is for yoga. The black boxes are for icing and strengthening my knee (twice daily). Then I write everything else in red so it pops forward.

I figured I’d show this at the beginning of the month while it looks all perfect. Already the checking off of boxes is giving me great satisfaction and motivation. My inner six-year-old takes over scheduling from now on. Maybe I can get my sister the first grade teacher to give me some stickers…

6 thoughts on “Gold Star for You, Kid”

  1. I devised a similar system! Using triangles for teaching days, circles for practice, squares for attending classes, M for meditation. It is encouraging, satisfying, honest and helps keep me going! Thanks for sharing yours.

  2. That’s awesome :) I didn’t think to distinguish home practice and studio classes. Another layer coming up!

  3. ouuu!!! the Type A in me LOVES this idea- i especially ADORE the colour coordination. AWESOME :) We’re having a ‘Personal Practice Adventure’ (we’re as in a group of awesome yogi/nis)- would I be able to link to your site as a nice organized example? :) You can always join us if you’d like!

    also- it would seem that most of my clients’ moms (I work with preschoolers as a Speech Pathologist) have calenders. It’s kinda like as soon as you become a mom you need a calender, I know I sure would! Especially when it comes to making sure you get ‘You’ time in there!


  4. Hi Lisa! Sure, link away! I am always happy when my OCD can be a good thing :)

    I’m not a mama yet that’s the other author here but I’d say moms and New Yorkers are equally engaged with their calendars. I’ll definitely check out your Adventure, that sounds like a great fall booster!

  5. Thank you very much! And thanks for visiting my space- I think your plan sounds wonderful, personal practice twice a week- that will be one of my long term goals :)

    Oops! So sorry, I read through other posts and didn’t read the “fine print” on who posted- sorry about that! lol, New Yorkers are calender people eh? I’ve heard it’s a fabulous city for yoga!

  6. :) I need to redesign the site a bit…

    We have so many good teachers here in NYC, the hardest part is choosing! But yes we would be fools without our PDAs, every night is a social night…

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