Desk Job Decompression

Oh no no no
Oh no no no

It turns out that yoga in the back of the office is the best idea ever! We’re going to keep it up through March.

The focus is “desk job decompression:” yoga poses to counteract all those ruinous hours at our laptops. We usually do 15 minutes of simple stretches to wake up the wrists, ankles and spine, then about 45 minutes of standing poses, and a guided relaxation at the end.

It’s safe for beginners, and my more advanced friends have enjoyed all the details. Slow flow yoga. Taught by me (Erica Heinz).

Come join us!

Monday, March 8, 15, 22, and 29
6:458pm, at GreenSpaces
394 Broadway, 5th floor
Pay what you wish. ($0$10)