Chopra’s Daily Routine

I was looking up Ayurvedic body type tests for my sister, and I found a great idea by New Age master (marketer) Deepak Chopra:

Ayurvedic Daily Routine for All Doshas:

•    Rise early, ideally by six o’clock.
•    Empty the bladder and bowels.
•    Clean teeth.
•    Massage with an ayurvedic oil.
•    Take a warm bath or shower.
•    Mediate for 20 minutes.
•    Exercise for your body type.
•    Eat a light breakfast.

•    Make a lunch the day’s major meal.
•    Sit quietly for 5 minutes after eating.
•    To aid digestion, walk for 15 minutes.

•    Meditate for 20 minutes in the late afternoon or before dinner.
•    Eat a light dinner.
•    Sit quietly for 5 minutes after eating.
•    Take a 15-minute walk to aid digestion.
•    Relax with light recreational activities.
•    Go to bed early, ideally by 10 pm.

It’s a simple variation on the early-to-bed routine that is kind of impossible for social New Yorkers, but what I did find to be genius was the idea of meditating before dinner! I sometimes meditate in the morning (if it’s a rare anxiety-free awakening; otherwise, a walk does me better), but I’ve been more fixated on fitting it into my evening routine (along with vitamins, reading, moisturizing, day-planning, bathing, and/or attaining enlightenment). But I frequently end up with a late dinner or glass of wine, and feel sad and guilty cause you can’t meditate for at least three hours after either of those. So, voila! Preprandial meditation! Mornings and before bed are so frequently lauded as the prime meditation times that it never occurred to me that they’re not workable for everyone e.g. me. The only difficulty here will be stopping all-important work to meditate… and I’ll probably need 30 minutes of asanas first, to clear my mind.

Slowly progressing towards a routine I can stick to…

In other news, the book is going well. Just the yoga section will be 200 pages, so it’s seeming like Everest right now, but I do like to hike…