Can I Slow Down?

This Yoga Mamma made it to class today – yippee! I’m always better after yoga. That being said, before class, I got things settled in the house – baby boy fed, played with and still napping. I was racing to class and got there just in time (our teacher locks the door at noon). During class, I was trying to find my equilibrium in tree pose – my left side seemed a bit imbalanced today – and as I was raising my clasped hands to the sky, our teacher said, “If you move rapidly, you will fall.” Those words hit a chord. I thought, “All I do is move rapidly all day long – racing the clock. That can’t be good.” So, I went back to my breath and told myself, “Slow down Rhonda,” and I did not fall. Now, if I can only slow down on a daily basis, but is this possible with a baby?  I’m still working that one out.