Book Therapy: Shadows on the Path

I just finished an amazing book (which was a total impulse buy) if anyone is looking for a quick read.

Shadows on the Path, by Abdi Assadi, highlights the challenges we face on a path towards self-realization, notably the acceptance of our shadow sides. The book covers addiction, teachers, spiritual paths, romantic relationships, death, grace, parental legacies, shortcuts, and change. His voice is clear and conversational, sharing lessons learned from his own studies of martial arts, meditation, and love, as well as his treatment of thousands of acupuncture clients with various physical and emotional difficulties. There were a lot of fresh insights for me, such as the distinction (or the need for distinction) between spiritual work and psychological work, or the relationship between care-taking and avoidance.

My sorely-missed Kundalini teacher Vanessa Kudrat shared a podcast interview w/Assadi, check it out (the button is the square at the bottom) and then head to his website to buy the book. (You can get it from Amazon for a few bucks less, but their $4 shipping makes the total about equal to Assadi’s price of $25 including shipping.) Some more interviews are here.