Beginners Vinyasa with Leigh Evans at Greenhouse Holistic

Leigh Evans
Leigh Evans

Whew! I headed to a 60-minute pilates class at Greenhouse that turned out to be a 90-minute vinyasa class with 20-second holds on most poses. It was “basics”, but I left with wobbly legs and a happy head.

Leigh taught this class, and I was really impressed with its arrangement.

First of all, she had everyone practice the beginners’ variations of poses as a warm up (e.g. Side Plank with one knee down) so that later, when she called out the full pose, she could just say “or do the beginners’ variation we did earlier.”

Secondly, she stayed really focused and used several different poses to illustrate a major principle of alignment. So we did Lunge, focusing on tucking the tail, rotating the back thigh in and up, straightening the back leg. Then, Warrior I with those same adjustments. Later, Dancer with the same adjustments. It was a really good way to ingrain a proper habit: slowly, repeatedly, in varied contexts. At a slow pace everyone, no matter their experience level, can do some work.

The steady, intense class turned out to be just what I needed. And the alignment details were great. Thanks Leigh!