Athletes, Vegetarians, Trolls


Here’s a great article, lots of perspectives, on athletes who have chosen to go vegan (to various degrees):
Who Says You Have to Eat Meat to Be a Successful Athlete?

I’m not vegan (I did it for nine months but I hadn’t birthed Jesus so I cut it out), but I’ve been various forms of vegetarian since the end of 2000. For me it’s an anti-factory-farming stance, and an aid to meditation. I’m not as serious on the latter yet, I still eat onions, eggs, coffee and all sorts of supposedly disruptive things. But reading Mad Cowboy in college killed any taste for industrial food.

There is also a Q&A with Rynn Berry, author of The Vegan Guide to New York City, on the NYT website, if you really want to see some people freak out about it:
Answers about the Vegan Lifestyle in New York