A (Soon-to-Be) Teacher Prepares

A decade ago, a friend of mine noticed the toll that stress was taking on my life. I was in a new career and drowning. He threw me a lifeline and offered to give me private yoga lessons. Not realizing the tremendous offer that he put on the table, I told him I didn’t have time. Without batting an eye, he told me to make time because this work would be important. Then I told him I didn’t have any money for yoga, and he told me he’d teach me for free. The only payment he requested was that I pay forward the favor if I found yoga helpful. His offer changed my life because yoga allowed me to generate and hold peace in the palm of my hand.

On February 27th I will begin my 200-hour teacher training program at Sonic Yoga in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City. In 2004, I took a 30-hour teacher training over the course of a weekend. That course gave me a small taste of what it’s like to provide the gift of yoga to others. It is an exhilarating experience. With that training, I was able to teach a weekly class for two year to my stressed out classmates while I was in business school. Now, I’m ready to provide this gift to a wider audience. I am particularly interested in sharing yoga with people who are undergoing treatment for illnesses like cancer, diabetes, and post-traumatic stress syndrome.

With the new year I began prepping for the teacher training. I’m sleeping 7 hours per night (consistently 12:00am to 7:00am), practicing yoga every day for at least 30 minutes, and altering my diet by eliminating junk food, artificial sugar, and excess salt, and drinking more water. Small simple changes, though I can already feel the difference in my body. I’m more limber; I breath deeper; I’m happier and less stressed.

In addition to preparing my body, I’m also preparing my mind. I started reading the following books very slowly so I could begin to process their lessons: The Bhagavad Gita, The Yoga Sutra by Patanjali, Prayers: A Communication with Our Creator, The Four Noble Truths, and Anatomy of Hatha Yoga. I have subscribed to Yoga Journal for many years and am now fully-realizing what an incredible resource it is. It’s very clear to me that this training will be as much an exercise for my mind and spirit as it will be for my body.

Erica has given me the incredible opportunity to share the process of my teacher training here on Yogoer.com. I will share my process with you from beginning to end with great honesty, my triumphs and my low points. I am sure there will be many of both. I look forward to the journey.


2 thoughts on “A (Soon-to-Be) Teacher Prepares”

  1. I just found you through Writers Rising :)
    Your friend’s offer- THAT is how yoga should be taught. As a gift and not as a trendy business :) Beautiful.

    Light and Strength on your Journey!!

  2. Fabulous! I am so glad that Kathy connected me to Writers Rising. Excited to be part of that community. My friend, Dan, gave me an amazing gift. He helped make me a better person.

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